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Mid-length, Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Mid-length, Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Knotted Pearls

A beautiful mid-length pearl necklace, with pearls selected from the  finest pearls that are handpicked from each season’s harvest.

This pearl jewellery is made from 8.0 to 8.5mm freshwater, Baroque peals. The many angles of these lustrous baroque Freshwater pearls help to reflect and refract light to give the effect known as ‘orient’ which presents itself as a rainbow effect on the surface of the pearls.

This piece has a Sterling Silver  Pearl magnetic clasp that’s easy to take on and off single-handed and completely secure. Is also beautifully packaged in a presentation box along with a  pouch which is handy for both storing your pearls and cleaning them.

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